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Cavity wall ties facts

A cavity wall tie is made from metals covered with zinc or bitumen compounds and have been used since the start of the 20th century. They are designed to hold walls together, but as they age they can become unstable, and may even fail completely.

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Your cavity walls may be aging, showing signs of cracking, or even bulging. When this occurs, you should realise that it is the result of your cavity wall ties failing. Damp Fix can help you to recover your walls in South Wales and surrounding areas.

Restore your cavity walls with Damp Fix


If your home was built in the 20th century, or rebuilt in that period, then you will have cavity wall ties in your home. These ties are designed to improve the structure of the wall, and when they fail will cause cracking and bulging due to structural failure. Damp Fix can restore your home with cavity wall tie replacement, which will allow you to ensure your home is safe for years to come.

Cavity wall tie replacement services in South Wales

 •  Cavity wall tie replacement

 •  Fixing holes in walls

 •  Fixing sagging walls

 •  Repairing bulges

 •  Fixing cracks

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Fixing cavity walls

When your property has had a cavity wall tie replacement, it will often need to have problems such as bulging repaired at the same time. Damp Fix offer crack stitching and other services designed to restore your walls to their original stability and strength. Call us today for more details on our crack stitching and damp proofing services.


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Crack stitching and related services