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If your South Wales home is suffering from subsidence, then the first you will see of it is vertical cracks running along the affected wall. Even after you have fixed the cause of the problem, these masonry cracks can affect the value of your home. Damp Fix can help you resolve these problems.

Fix cracks

in your home


The best solution to your vertical cracks is to use a method known as crack stitching. This involves using metal bars inserted into the crack to bind the wall together, preventing more damage and keeping the walls stable.

Crack stitching in South Wales

 •  Assessment of cracks

 •  Plastering and minor repairs

 •  Crack stitching

 •  Reinforcement rods insertion

 •  Helping homes in South Wales

 •  Damp proofing and cavity wall treatment

 •  A 30-year guarantee with all work completed

Fix vertical cracks caused by subsidence today

With minor cracks, plastering can be one solution, but for major problems caused by subsidence, the only solution is crack stitching. Damp Fix will stabilise the wall by inserting reinforced rods into the vertical cracks, stabilising them with bonding materials.

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What we can do to help

Is crack stitching best?

If you need more than crack stitching, Damp Fix can help you with a range of other masonry problems. We can offer you cavity wall tie replacement services, damp proofing, or even plastering and other wall repairs. Call us today to find out how we can help you.

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