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Is your home suffering from damp and rot? Damp problems are a big problem in homes, and you are not alone in wanting to know the solution to this. Damp Fix offer homes in Llanelli the opportunity to take control of moisture with damp proofing, so call us today.

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If your home is suffering from problems such as rising damp, or moisture transmission to other parts of the room, then Damp Fix can install barriers to ensure that this does not become mould or rot.

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Damp Proofing Barriers

If you need more than damp proofing for your home, then Damp Fix can help householders with a range of other services. This might include crack stitching, securing cavity walls, or controlling wet and dry rot. Just call us today for more information.


All work has a 30-year guarantee.

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If your home suffers from moisture or damp, then you need to use materials to

protect walls, floors and interiors from mould and rot. Damp Fix can prevent

moisture with damp proofing materials designed to keep water out of your home