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When your property needs plastering, perhaps after electrical or plumbing work, then you may feel that you are living on a building site. Cold brick walls and crumbling plaster can make everyone feel bleak. Damp Fix can help.

Need help with plastering?


If you decide that you need help with plastering, then Damp Fix have more than 20 years' experience in the Llanelli and South Wales area. We can help you to repair your walls, skimming plaster surfaces and adding plaster to walls that have been left bare.

Restore your walls with our plastering team

 •  Full plastering services

 •  Repair plaster after building work

 •  Repair walls that have lost plaster

 •  Cover newly built walls

 •  Plaster old walls

 •  Call us for more details

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What we can do for you

Need walls plastering?

Damp Fix can help you with more than just plastering or repairing plaster in your South Wales home. We perform other services, including cavity wall tie replacement, damp proofing, and wet and dry rot control. To find out how we can help you, call us now.

Need other building work?

From minor repairs to all walls in a home, Damp Fix can do all kinds of plastering work. If you want a wall re-plastered, or if you need work done to improve a wall's appearance, we can help.