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If you are having additions to your home which require timber frames, then you will need to protect that wood. Without timber treatment, these structures can encourage damp and even rot away. Damp Fix can protect homeowners in Llanelli.

Treat timber in your home


Your wooden structures will often be made from soft woods, which are often not as durable as traditional woods. This wood can rot unless the correct timber treatments are applied. Damp Fix can help by applying preservatives which protect the wood.

Timber treatments in Llanelli and South Wales

 •  Protect soft woods

 •  Effective timber treatments

 •  High-quality preservatives

 •  Woodworm treatment

 •  Rot prevention

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Protect timber frames with Damp Fix preservatives

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How we can help you

Stop wood rotting now

If you need help with other forms of building problems, including rising damp, vertical cracks or cavity wall tie failures, then Damp Fix can help you. We can assist homes in Llanelli and the surrounding area with our experienced team, supplying damp proofing, crack stitching and cavity wall tie replacement. Call us today.

Get help with rot or masonry problems

You need to be sure that timber frames under masonry and plaster will be strong for years.  Prevent rotting and decay with timber treatments and preservatives. Call Damp Fix today.